In cooperation with the European Center for Climate and Environment ECCE Foundation, we managed to implement the first part of the project: Do you feel it ?! CO2? – Workshops on the ongoing climate change.

During the meeting, we talked about how to counteract them. We also talked about life and awareness of the changes taking place in the world, based on the example of Madagascar. We organized this part of the workshop for children and youth from two educational institutions.

On November 20, Fr. Tomasz Łukaszuk met with students of the Public Salesian Primary School Dominik Savio in Mińsk Mazowiecki. Young participants of six meetings gathered in a properly prepared room. Two or three classes took part in each of the meetings, so that everyone had the opportunity to touch everyday objects, to feel the different scents of the Red Island. During the projection of photos and videos from Madagascar, the topics of climate and changes taking place in the nature of this island were discussed. The students also learned about the different ways of coping with the lives of young peers.

On November 21, we organized four meetings, this time in the Salesian Secondary School of Fr. August Czartoryski in Mińsk Mazowiecki. Due to the COVID-19 regime, each class adopted Fr. Tomasz in his classroom. The presentation of personal photos from Madagascar was interwoven with the missionary’s stories about Malagasy life on the island, in three different places.

The students found out about the changes noticed during the ten years of their stay. The most astonishing were the fact that the forest line “shifted” in the south-western province, the practice of burning grass just before the rainy season, and cutting trees by local people on the Madagascar plateau.