Monika is a volunteer at an orphanage in Makululu. In recent days, she described the difficult situation:

On October 1, we went to bring food to the home of one of the students whose family was in a difficult situation. Then we visited another family. Two boys have disappeared from Ciloto. They’ve been on the street for a week. It’s dusk. We’re going to Kabwe to look for them. Children in the street shout: Father Micheal! Don Bosco! They know the car we’re driving. We get out and some boys appear out from nowhere.

They look 10-12 years old. One of them is drunk. Some of them have been to Ciloto several times. The addiction won, they returned to the street. We’re asking about the boys who disappeared a week ago. We find Josef.

Fr. Michał is talking to the boys. They want to go to Ciloto. Six jumps into the car crate. Unfortunately we have to leave them, there is no place in Ciloto. Josef doesn’t want to go. He’s trying to run away from the car. He says he will stay one night and run away. His older brother has been living on the street for years.

I want to help