Ciloto in Bemba means dream, dream. This is the name of the new facility in Makululu, which for slum residents and street children is the fulfillment of their dreams of a better future. A school was established here, which can be attended by anyone, regardless of age and educational attainment. The facility also includes a children’s home for street boys and a medical point. Help is provided to African children who fought for survival, worked, collected rubbish, and sold plastic.

An orphanage for street boys was established in July 2017 with first six charges taken from the street. A year later, another 10 boys joined them. The beginnings were very difficult and modest, there was no room for more children, and the construction and finishing works were up to the Donors. Currently, 65 street boys live in the orphanage

Street children in Kabwe

Children end up on the street for a variety of reasons. Most often they lost their parents or were abandoned because their father or mother started a new family and they were a burden. They are rejected and forgotten. They were crossed out before they began their education. Beaten, molested and abused, they run away to the street. Children of alcoholics and prostitutes live here. These children were sent to part-time jobs to bring food and money for the whole family. If they did not, they suffered physical and mental punishment. They preferred to live on the street. We meet these children when they beg for food, steal, or sell plastic. They have to fight for their lives. In the evening, they cover themselves with cardboard boxes and try to drown out the need for security and acceptance. They reach for glue because they think that this is how you can forget about your loneliness and rejection. For years they have suffered from lack of food and love. How to help starving children in Africa? You have to create a home for them, provide food, education, and a sense of belonging.

Help children

In the orphanage in Ciloto, everyone will find a sense of security and acceptance. The conditions are very modest. The three-tier beds are placed next to each other. Children receive meals and clothes. The daily cost of feeding one boy is about PLN 5. Monthly for food and clothes for all pupils is about PLN 10,000. Here boys can go to school, no one yells at them or hits them. They have classes and are responsible for the house together so that they feel that this place belongs to them.

Davis, who lost his dad, lives here as his mom is mentally ill. Two years ago, he was living with his mother, he was beaten, he was not given food and he could not go to school. He looked for food and love on the street. Mumba also lost his dad, and his stepfather did not want him at home. The boy lived on the street, begged, looked for odd jobs to eat something. Austin lived with his grandmother. Like Davis, he didn’t go to school and instead went out looking for food on the street.

Collection for children in Africa

More than a dozen orphanages are to be built in Ciloto. Each of them would have a dozen or so boys who could feel like in a real home and start living like in a family. This dream depends on the goodness of the Benefactors. African children need help. By donating, you provide them with food and clothing.

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