Felix is ​​one of the charges in the street boys’ home in Ciloto. Poverty has been present in his family home for as long as he can remember. There was a shortage of food, clothes and medicines. The house was small and my parents did not earn much. Felix followed in his brother’s footsteps and looked for money in the street. He helped carry bags and begged.

After the first day he brought 15 kwacha, mom and dad were satisfied. They wanted their next child to earn money instead of learning. The boy admitted that he was not comfortable with it, but the next day he went to the streets in Kabwe again. He got used to it quickly, and he drowned out his worries by sniffing the glue, drinking and smoking. Then emotions and feelings became faded, he endured the difficult everyday life of the street. He quickly became addicted, but his parents at home did not notice anything. Or maybe they didn’t want to notice it? Felix continued to help his dad with his work, he learned to make baula (a kind of coal stove), pots, boxes and other metal products. Unfortunately, his dad was also involved in drug and cigarette trafficking. One day he had to run away from the police, he never came back home.

The situation in Felix’s family home grew increasingly difficult. There is a new man, mom’s partner. The stepfather often beat his children, especially when they teased his natural children. Food was still scarce. Felix was starving. One day he „stole” my mother’s tea. His parents kicked him out of the house. He started sleeping in street booths. To feel safer, he has learned to lock them from the inside. Felix had no one to turn to for help. Life on the street is a constant search for food, begging and looking for something that can be done in return for a small payment. In the evenings, there is glue, alcohol and loneliness. This was Felix’s everyday life. One day he was sent to a shop for oil, there he met Fr. Michał, who told about Ciloto and invited the boy to the orphanage. It was April 2020 when Felix moved to the missionary outpost.

After a few months, he wrote.

„I really like the fact that we have a school here and I can study without having to think about getting money for food. I happened to run away from here because I missed money and cigarettes. During the holidays, instead of being with my family, I ended up on the street again, they came back also all the problems. I don’t want to run anymore. I would like to finish school and become a doctor to help the weak and the sick. „