CHILDREN'S HOUSE - Zambia We support children
from the Ciloto orphanage.
The project includes the purchase of food,
clothes and medicines for 65 boys.

Short profile

Place: Makululu, Zambia
Purpose: purchase of food, clothes and medicines for boys from the orphanage
Amount needed: PLN 50,000
Collection time: June 2020 – February 2022

The project

The orphanage in Ciloto is home to 40 boys taken from the street by the Salesians. They are children who have lost their homes due to parents’ death, poverty, exploitation, unemployment, domestic violence or rejection. Here they find a sense of security and acceptance. They can go to school. The conditions in the orphanage are very modest. Three-tier beds are placed side by side.

Children receive meals and clothes. The daily cost of feeding one boy is about PLN 5. Monthly for food and clothes for all pupils is about PLN 10,000.

More than a dozen orphanages are to be built in Ciloto. Each of them would have a dozen or so boys who can feel at home and start living like in a family. By donating funds, you provide them with food and clothing.

Collection progress

We have collected PLN 50 000 for the project "ORPHANAGE - Zambia", ie 100%

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