CHIEF - Madagascar We are building a common room for the poor
the children of Port-Berge.
We will provide them with a daily meal
and a place to study.

Short profile

Location: Port-Berge, Madagascar
Objective: to build a community center for poor children in Port-Berge and to provide them with daily meals
Amount needed: PLN 150,000
Collection time: June 2020 – June 2021

The project

As part of the project, we will create a common room where children will be provided with education and meals every day. Before the coronavirus epidemic and the introduced restrictions, classes were conducted on the school playground, but were dependent on the educational institution’s schedule.

Our goal is to build a shelter in a new, two-hectare area and conduct classes for children and teenagers there. Erecting a shelter will provide shelter from the sun and rain, so that classes can be conducted regardless of the weather.

In Madagascar, a large number of young people and adults cannot read or write. The problem of illiteracy makes their situation worse, they cannot find a job and they are deceived. Therefore, as part of the classes at the common room, I will conduct literacy courses.

Collection progress

We have collected PLN 11,010 for the project "ŚWIETLICA - Madagaskar", ie 7%

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