CHILD NUTRITION - Zambia We support children
from the Ciloto orphanage.
The project includes the purchase
of food for 90 boys.

Short profile

Place: Makululu, Zambia
Purpose: purchase of food for boys from the orphanage
Amount needed: PLN 70,000
Collection time: February 2022 – December 2022

The project

When we started our first fundraising for food, there were 40 boys living in the orphanage. Now there are almost 70! This is the second time we are launching a collection for food for the street boys in Makululu.

What is needed? Flour made from cassava, soy pieces, chicken, beans, oil, milk, eggs peanut butter, oil, sugar. To make one dinner you need 10 kg of beans or 6 kg of soybeans. And for breakfast as many as 10 breads and peanut butter or jams. These are sample meals. Every day at the center 50 kg of cassava or corn flour is used, which is the basic product in Zambia. It is used to make nshima – a traditional dish for lunch and dinner, which resembles thick semolina. The cost of food for almost 70 children is high, so the center needs support and is looking for donors around the world.

The daily cost of food for one boy is only 5 PLN! For us it’s not much, so any help is important.

The orphanage in Ciloto is home to almost 70 boys taken from the street by the Salesians. They were thrown out or ran away from homes where they were beaten and neglected. Others spent all day on the streets and returned home at night. There they fell into addictions: glue sniffing and alcohol. In Ciloto, they receive help, they can go back to school, they receive food, medicine and clothing, but most of all they receive care and safety.

Collection progress

We have collected PLN 25 297 for the project "CHILD NUTRITION - Zambia", ie 36%

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