Food Children share what what they have.
Even a modest meal.
Our goal is to feed children
who go to bed hungry.

Education For young people the most important
thing is to get a profession,
which will allow them to support themselves
and their families.

Infrastructure People don't have access
to clean water, drink water from rivers,
in which they bathe animals before.
That is why well construction is important.

Recreation There are playgrounds in the facilities,
pitches and activities are conducted
for students and the poorest
children from the neighborhood.

Volunteering We promote helping others ...
We are preparing to go on missions,
we support you during your stay
and we keep relationship after return.

Salesian Missionary Foundation
Korowodu 20
02-829 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 245 66 22
Foundation account (IBAN):
PL18 1600 1462 1882 3670 9000 0001
KRS: 0000798644
NIP: 9512489701
REGON: 384275908