The Salesians in Ciloto and four local workers need a car to reach the children who live in the streets of Kabwe. The city is big. The Salesians want to provide help and food to street children. They also want to visit families in need and also bring them food and support.

Makululu is a suburb of Kabwe, a large city in Zambia. These are slums where people live in extreme poverty. Makululu’s main problems are high numbers of orphans and street children, high HIV/AIDS fatalities, broken and separated families, and a lack of school places, resulting in high levels of illiteracy among children and adolescents.

From an early age, children are forced to work, mainly selling in the street or begging. They need to get food and money for the whole family. Hundreds of children and adolescents live in the streets of Kabwe instead of school. They fall into addiction there, drink alcohol, and take drugs. They steal and start fights. Unfortunately, they also become victims of prostitution. Other children fled their homes because they had been beaten, abused, humiliated, and abused. Nobody protects these children and their rights are not respected.

Fr. Michał Wziętek established a Ciloto facility in Makululu, which houses a school and an orphanage for street boys. Children receive help here, regain a sense of security and childhood. In Makululu, many people need support. At this point, help goes towards making regular visits to the streets of Kabwe, visiting families to see what help they need, feeding children who have started working or living on the streets, and delivering food.

Apart from the Salesians, four trained associates help the street boys. There is a lot of work and more people and financial resources are needed. The problem is also the lack of transportation, because distances in Kabwe are long, and you have to reach children who live on the street and deliver food.


So that Ciloto employees could reach those in need quickly, we supported the facility in purchasing a car. It is very recognizable in the streets of Kabwe. Children from afar shout „Don Bosco” and know they can get help.